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My life is getting very good. After a rough few years, battling through some self-inflicted wounds, the passing of my hero, my grandfather, and a good dose of old fashioned bad luck, I’ve come through the woods and into the sunlight.

My life is quieter now, and while my former self would have been quick to label it boring, I find it deeply fulfilling. …

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Unless alcohol is not at all your scene, chances are you know at least one or two people with a DUI. They’re pretty easy to come by.

The second one is a little harder to come by, but with the wrong attitude, minimal effort, and some poor choices, even that can come a little more freely than you might imagine.

I needed the first DUI. Had to happen. I was a danger to myself and my community, a near nightly ritual of drinking ending in a drive home. Getting pulled over was the best case scenario.

And if you really…


“All of this for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate”, they say as a rebuke of any reasonable response to the pandemic that has raged on since March.

It didn’t take long to notice just how many Americans were, pardon the brevity, piss poor at understanding risk. After another exchange on Reddit tonight, maybe it’s worthwhile to break down the risk in a few activities.

As a starting point, best to understand the risk of COVID-19. These numbers vary wildly depending on age and other health risk factors, but in order to best make the point, we will…

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I’m what is considered a ‘radical leftist’ in American discourse. I am called that, so far as I can see, because I dare suggest that any system or idea has both aspects worthy of merit and of critique. While that sounds reasonable, once you expand this logic to include socialism and the dreaded communism, many stop listening.

And that’s fine. By limiting the scope of ideas they are exposing themselves to, they are only doing themselves a disservice.

I say that only to put space between myself and the average American liberal; I have floated this idea in many leftist…


There is perhaps no better year to quote The Joker: “And here. We. Go.”

As if the 2020 election could not get any more sensational, the passing of the great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has thrown an already divided nation into ideological chaos just weeks before the election.

Nothing is certain, but it would appear that the Republican Party is going to shamelessly balk at their own 2016 precedent of no Supreme Court nominations in an election year. …

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Note: This article was cut down from five examples to three for conciseness. It appears Medium is displaying the old title.

There is no such thing as a good cop.

Tensions between American citizens and police departments across the country continue to be tense. Many citizens are removing their consent to be policed by ever more heavy handed and violent forces. In return, stunningly, police forces have acted with near reckless abandon on many peaceful protesters.

One of the conversations the unrest has sparked is that of police reform. On one end, more force is necessary to establish order, but…

(Image Credit: Team Trump & Literally the Nazis)

It takes a lot to get me out of bed at 5 in the morning. No article idea is urgent enough that it can’t wait until tomorrow.

But this is, excuse my well justified language, utterly fucking insane.

The Team Trump Facebook page is running an ad that calls for people to sign up and declare that they “stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization”. The image with it, is a single upside down red triangle.

In distress. (Image Credit: Alex Martinez/Unsplash)

Don’t look now, but America could be plunging into our darkest hours.

Usually quite the pessimist, I’ve found myself flipping to finding optimism in a dark time. But I think that may be because the darkness ahead has become blinding, and for sake of my own sanity, I’m hoping that, somehow, we will avoid calamity.

Consider our position.

We are (still) in the grips of a generational pandemic that, while not all that deadly, is incredibly contagious, and has the ability to overrun hospitals and health care systems.

We have an economy that’s been shocked into stagnation — no one…

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What do Eric Garner, George Floyd & Rayshard Brooks have in common?

Sure, all of them were black, and killed by police.

But every one of their interactions with police started with the investigation of a misdemeanor crime. Eric Garner was selling cigarettes. Michael Brown had stolen a pack of smokes from a convenience store. George Floyd had passed a $20 bill. Rayshard Brooks had been stopped on suspicion of DUI.

And in every case, the interaction was escalated, until an unarmed black man lay dead in the street.

Is this justice? Is this reasonable?

The obvious defense to this…

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Sometimes it’s difficult to resist the temptation of an easy, emotional share on social media. But sometimes, we must challenge ourselves to dig deeper than just our first reaction and push to uncover the consequences of our immediate wishes.

Such is the case with a Change.org petition calling for the federal government to designate the KKK a ‘Domestic Terror Group’. You can find it here.

It may seem commonsense that we demand this. But please don’t sign it. Really.


No, I don’t, but let’s pump the breaks and look…

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