Hot Girl Summer Is Cancelled — It’s (Michael) Block Party Summer Instead

Michael Francis
9 min readMay 25
The 46 year old Michael Block has become an overnight legend in his own right. (Image Credit:

If you don’t already know the name Michael Block, I’m here to tell you that you need to know — and I assure you, you need to know. With everything bad going on in the world, when it all seems monochrome delirious, sometimes all we need is a little happy. And the Michael Block story provides us just that — 2 parts fairy tale, 1 part authenticity, and 1 part dedication.

Who is this man with maybe the most generic name in America?

For those not already in the know, I’ll assume you aren’t overly familiar to professional golf, and provide enough background to hopefully demonstrate just how special the moment is.

Across the country there are thousands and thousands of golf clubs. Within most of those, there is one “PGA Club Professional”. They will be tasked with giving instruction, setting up classes, and helping in the running of the course. They are golf experts, on the golf side of things. It is a career path for those who have a passion for the game, have developed the talent, but who, in Michael Block’s words “don’t want to have to make a putt to pay the mortgage.”

Michael Block is one of those club pros, at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California. He is one of nearly 30,000. So far, unremarkable.

Michael Block’s home club, the Arroyo Trabuco Country Club in California. (Image Credit:

Every year, golf holds 4 “major” tournaments; there are 4 tour stops that every top player in the world shows up with the hopes to win. This is the golfing equivalent of the Super Bowl. You may say “but wait, there’s 4 chances, and only 1 Super Bowl” which is true, but there are 32 teams going after the first, and several hundred golfers trying to play into and win the latter.

The hardware for the PGA tour’s four Majors. (Image Credit:

Golfers argue which one is bigger than the rest incessantly, but all you need to know is that the PGA Championship, held last weekend in Rochester NY, is one of golf’s four Majors. It’s a big deal. These can be careering making events, with purses in the…

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