Loving the Quarantine? Great! Check on Someone Who Isn’t

Some are feeling a novel kind of isolation. (Image Credit: Noah Silliman/Unsplash)

I’m enjoying quarantine quite a bit.

My legs are, admittedly, not so attractive. (Image Credit: Hanna Postova/Unsplash)
Floating, serene, peace. (Image Credit: Wes Grant/Unsplash)
A man’s meditation, if one cares for gender norms. (Image Credit: Nguyen Pham/Unsplash)
It’s a special feeling to have found one’s human. ❤ (Image Credit: Ryan Holloway/Unsplash)
Try fingerpainting, they said, (Image Credit: Bernard Hermant/Unsplash)
Not just older people — but that’s a great place to start! (Image Credit: Adam Nieścioruk/Unsplash)
Who knows how big the smile a phone call or text can bring. (Image Credit: Vinicius Amano/Unsplash)

Politics, philosophy, culture. Just trying to make the world a better, place. BS Finance. Follow me everywhere @MFrancisWrites. “I know that I know nothing.”

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