Please Stop Celebrating the Trump Indictment

Michael Francis
1 min readApr 1
An AI generated photo of a yet fictional Trump arrest (Image Credit: Twitter/ Eliot Higgins)

I’m sure I’m not the only voice on this, and since I don’t like finger wagging, I’ll keep this incredibly brief.

I get it, I understand and am myself relieved that Trump is finally being held accountable for breaking the law after years of flagrantly violating it.

But it needs to be a solemn relief.

It is not good that we must indict a former President. It is worse still that so many think this is a political hit job when it’s clear he broke the law.

Celebrating a small misdemeanor charge looks like we care more about getting the guy than we do any sense of impartiality. I know that’s not the case, but it’s how it looks.

A solemn relief, where when his followers complain we can respond with an exasperated “Look I don’t wanna charge former president’s either but he broke the law” seems to push us in a far better direction that jubilant glee we could find a single misdemeanor to levy against a political opponent.

Wink, nod and smile with your friends, I suppose. But we would be wise to show going down this road is not something we feel is desired, but necessary.

Michael Francis

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