The Walton family, as individuals, have created nothing, but enjoy being America’s richest family. The majority of super wealth is inherited. The idea that wealth is a measure of value added to society is precarious at best. And with many, much of the wealth comes not from value added, but exploitation of labor. Paris Hilton is infinitely more wealthy than the creator of the polio vaccine — capitalism isn’t infallible.

No taxation sounds great, but unless you can show how we’d run a functioning nation — one that can, for example, respond to a pandemic — it’s a childish pipe dream sprouting from the Tea Party (named after people who called for fair taxation on all merchants, not less taxation) which has leaked into the bastardized version of libertarianism we see today.

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Politics, philosophy, culture. Just trying to make the world a better, place. BS Finance. Follow me everywhere @MFrancisWrites. “I know that I know nothing.”

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