Trump Facebook Ad Openly Using a Nazi Symbol For “Political Prisoner”

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(Image Credit: Team Trump & Literally the Nazis)

It takes a lot to get me out of bed at 5 in the morning. No article idea is urgent enough that it can’t wait until tomorrow.

But this is, excuse my well justified language, utterly fucking insane.

The Team Trump Facebook page is running an ad that calls for people to sign up and declare that they “stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization”. The image with it, is a single upside down red triangle.

A friend sent this to me, with the identifying article of what that triangle represents: Nazi political prisoners.

From the Wikipedia page, here is the translated version:

And for the intolerable group of people that will go to great lengths to dismiss information they don’t like as “fake” because it comes from a community based source, as Wikipedia does, here’s from the Memorial & Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which states “Red triangles marked “political prisoners”, in other words, those who were imprisoned on the basis of a “protective custody order” (Schutzhaftbefehl) issued by a state police post.”

When I saw the screenshot my friend had sent me, I’m going to be honest — I didn’t believe it.

Surely that was TOO obvious, TOO brazen that a U.S. Presidential campaign would not pick a symbol with no other obvious meaning. When I looked at the Team Trump Facebook page, my doubt actually grew: I couldn’t find any trace of it, and all of the graphics were the well polished, politically branded kind you’d think to find on a campaign website.

Not a random red triangle with no other context.

On a hunch, I dug up Facebook’s Ad Library — a tool they introduced some time ago as a way to be transparent. You can find all ads that a page is running, should you chose to. Even if they aren’t targeted towards you.

After scrolling through dozens of A/B tests of the same bland (though still odd) campaign ads, I found it.

Here’s the active link.

The Trump campaign should forever be branded with the ad number: 681677109057568.

An active ad for by the current President of the United States that’s using a Nazi symbol for political prisoners.

The only context is the ad itself. It calls for antifa — the opposition to fascism — to be labeled a terrorist organization.

You have the President of the United States running an ad that calls for the criminalization of a political group he disagrees with, while using a symbol for Nazi political prisoners.

This isn’t an accident. This isn’t an oversight. Because this symbol — unlike the others they used in their A/B test — is not familiar. It it blatant and unquestionable use of Nazi symbolism to attack the President’s political dissenters.

Why is Facebook allowing this?

Why is ANYONE allowing this?

Can we stop pretending that Trump and his supporters are flirting with fascism, and start charging that they are being fascist, openly?

If this isn’t that line, what is? Must we wait for Americans to be brandished with red triangles before we call a fascist a fascist, and all reasonable Americans demand an end to Donald Trump?

This cannot be tolerated. And simply taking it down is not enough. This must be the end of Donald Trump’s campaign. It pains me that it won’t be.

What’s next?

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